Denver Spa Adventures

Target this next thing is something that denver spa I like to have for school and it is just me mints I don’t know about you guys but if your breasts are small throughout the day you’re going to want to fix that and mints are going to help you I would say to bring gum but a lot of schools have policies with no gum including my school so Milton said I don’t know if this is weird but personally I like to bring floss because if something gets stuck in your teeth after lunch and stuff you’re going to want to get that out plus it does help freshen breath so that’s always a good thing the next three items I have to inhere are all makeup items so I’m going to start off with this little concealer I would personally pick a small gel.

consistency concealer not like a liquid form because then I would feel like I have to bring powder and this is the light weight concealer and you know if able is comes up it during the day or you didn’t have time to put on concealer in the morning it comes in handy next is this Til a lip glaze and I just personally like to wear a lip gloss throughout the day and if my lip product starts to come off I can just slap this bad boy on the next thing is a city mainly for the winter and that is the Vaseline that lip therapy it doesn’t have to specifically be this one but I do like to have a chopstick or some sort of lip therapy product with me for the winter because my lips get a chapped and disgusting so that was all in.

The main compartment of the bag and then I have this little zipper pocket as well as this like open pocket so I will be going into the open pocket first inhere I just like to keep some band-aids because you never know when a cut is going to occur and whenever you’re going to cut yourself on accident and you don’t want it to get infected so I keep band-aids in here the next thing I keep in here are cough drops because I get colds a lot in the winter and I always seem to forget cough drops and then in handy in wintertime now I’m just going to open the zipper pockets in here I keep some q-tips which might seem kind of odd but if something.