Skills That You Can Learn From Business Development

The Jarrett Ron see this thing hasn’t been around for awhile things have changed Jerry Tron has old school this is this isn’t even a k monitor oh look at this cool set too ladies and gentlemen chocoholics fall ages as you know I am no longer involved in Eric Kirchhoff’s little world heavyweight title tournament and as mochas I’d like to say that I got screwed out of yet another.

Title opportunity I’ve got to admit that I was beaten fair and square in this very ring it was shell of a match and beating is no small accomplishment so I’d like to congratulate the man who did it my guest tonight James hey it’s me you got something to say buddy so first of all James congrats on your win last week you went toe-to-toe with the Ayatollah a rock Business Development and roll MA and you picked up the win and now you’re off Beatlemania for a chance to win the World Heavyweight title and I think Speak for every.

chocoholics out there when I wish you good luck in your title match against Triple if can’t come home with the gold the next best things watching Triple H lose at the granddaddy of them all well thanks Chris I appreciate it and I’m glad you know it’s nothing personal we both had our sights set on the same prizes was just the luck of the draw that had us match up oh it was luck alright speaking of luck maybe I’m lucky enough.