The Real Reason Behind Reins For Horses

Lead rope and they’re just a lot lighter and less like bulky and heavy duty but you can choose whichever ones you prefer so to put the Conway buckles and trigger snaps on what you’re going to do is you’re just going to take your colony horse rein keeper buckle and put it upside down so the little like knob is facing up take your rein put it through the one in the front pull a lot through and then down through the opening in the front pull that through and then take your swivel snap trigger snap whatever.

you call it and put it on to the piece that is now out and then take that rein push it up through the opening and then down again through the other opening and push it down on to the little bump and then push the rest the top of the rein on to the bump as well and then pull to tight and then you now have an adjustable clasp and a buckle so you can address this whenever you want you can-make your ring shorter or longer whatever you feel but this is just how with the finished product of the end looks.

so this is the finished product Hope you guys enjoyed this video I hope it helped you and have fun with your new awesome rain We’re going to bridle this horse for what we would consider a training session. A training session usually means reins for horses that we’re going to incorporate some type of a snaffle bit. If we were taking her to the show ring, there would probably be a different bit, somethings.

little more competitive, shank style. But we always like to work with our horses in the most simple method here at home. So I have here a snaffle bit. It does though incorporate some leverage, which gives me a curb chain so that I can talk about and describe some of the different parts as we bridle. I’m going to take this horse’s halter off, and let.